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Squarbles are solid glass cubes with colored glass cane stripes inside; essentially square marbles, a small paperweight, or a desktop fidget. They have an interesting tactile appeal and the square shape shines refracted colors throughout, creating an interesting visual effect.

The caning process means that each Squarble is a one-of-a-kind piece available in a variety of colors. When ordering online, you can order a 'surprise assortment' or contact me to request a color family: Reds/Oranges, Greens/Blues or Rainbow.

Made in five different sizes from the largest 4-inch Jumbo size down to the smallest ¾" Mini.

Please note that 0.75" and 1" Squarbles are only sold individually at in-person events. If you would like to hand-pick your Squarble, subscribe to my newsletter to shop at my next in-person event.

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