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Rolling Wine Decanter with Medallion

Rolling Wine Decanter with Medallion

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A Kekic Glass classic featured in such publications as Food and Wine and The Boston Globe magazines. These decanters are designed to roll in a small circular pattern on your table moving the wine inside helping it to aerate properly.  Each is made by hand and designed to hold a 750ml bottle. Different surface decorations available. The Crystallo Style with a glass medallion can be done in precious metal leaf or colored glass meedallion with colored glass lip.  Each comes with an acrylic stand to hold it upright when not in use.

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  • Fill the decanter. It’s designed to hold a full 750 ml bottle (butit’s OK to start with less.)

  • Choose a spot away from the table edge, and roll—it’ll need a 14" circle.

  • Pour slowly so as to leave the sediment on the shoulder of the decanter.

  • Rinse with warm soapy water (not hot) and a bottle brush.